How long should my podcast intro be?

If you’re like me or know anything about marketing and SEO, every choice you make is probably strategic.

You don’t just create content on a whim.

Instead, you probably carefully research your keywords, topics, etc.

When it comes to your podcast intro length, you probably do the same thing.

That’s how I found myself wondering

How long should my podcast intro be?

Generally, you want your podcast intro to be no more than 30 seconds to one minute. This is enough time to tell your audience, who you are, what your podcast is about, why they should continue listening and to get them hooked.

Now, that is just a suggestion.

There are no hard rules and many podcasts have their own unique intros.

Let’s talk about podcast intro length a little deeper.

Purpose of the podcast intro

To make your podcast intro length appropriate, you need to understand the reason you even have an intro.

Basically, you want to hook your listeners so that they make the decision to continue listening to your show.

In today’s world, people’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter.

For video, the time that you have to get a viewers attention has been researched heavily.

The conclusion?

You have 8 seconds to hook your viewer so that they want to stay and keep watching.

Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income explains it here.

As Pat said, you have longer with a podcast.


Podcasts are longer form content, to begin with.

Therefore, listeners will give you a little more time for your intro.

Don’t make your podcast intro length ridiculously long though.

You will be sure to annoy listeners and cause them to exit the show.

What typically is in a podcast intro

Podcasters have unique ways that they do their intros, and you are free to be creative.

However, let’s talk about some standard things that you see in podcast intros.

Podcast Name – most podcasts mention the name of the podcast as they introduce the episode.

This reinforces what podcast the listener is enjoying so they can come back.

Episode number – podcasters include this because it gives a sense of time to the listener.

If they just found the podcast, they may not realize how old it is.

This also is really beneficial if you provide show notes on your website.

Episode Title – Usually, the title of an episode tells what the episode is about.

Especially if you are crafting your episode titles to rank well.

Including this in the podcast intro can be useful.

Music or sound – This is not at all necessary for your podcast intro to do well.

However, many podcasts like to use it to add interest.

Podcast Tagline or Phrases  – If your podcast has a tagline or expression that you use to exemplify it, you may want to use it in the intro.

Remember, you’re branding your podcast.

The Help Me With HIPAA podcast, for example, uses the tagline:

It’s not about compliance. It’s about patient care.

This summarizes the podcast’s intent and is included in their intro.

Summary and Introduction – Unless you’re one of the few podcasts that get straight to the content, you should briefly tell your listeners what the episode will be about and convince them to stay.

Disclaimer – if your podcast contains mature content at any point, be sure you have a disclaimer in the beginning.

These are just some of the stand podcast intro components.

As you can see, they each take time and add up, thereby increasing the total podcast intro length.

But, if you do it right and make your intro intriguing, it can be used greatly to your benefit.

Sample podcast intro

Like we discussed before, there aren’t really any set rules in podcasting.

And I’ve seen some podcasts come up with some pretty interesting intro methods.

For one podcast, the intro tells something unique about the host’s personal life.

It’s a different fact each time.

Another podcast, I have listened to started recruiting their listeners to record intros.

The listeners go to the website and record it.

I’m ____ from _____ and today, you are listening to the ____ podcast.

As you can see, your imagination is your limit.

However, if you can’t come up with something unique, here’s a template that may help:

Hi and welcome to the ___ show/podcast, where I ______ (What your show does). My name is ___ and today we are going to be talking about ____ (episode content). You’ll learn ___ (Something to hook them). I think it’s going to be an amazing show and you’ll learn a lot. So, make sure to focus and let’s dive right in!

Voice talent for intros

If your podcast is established or you have funding for it, you may consider hiring a voice artist to help you with your podcast intro.

Basically, you give them the script and the podcast intro length requirements and they’ll do the work for you.

This can make your podcast sound much more professional, but it also adds cost.

Consequently, I recommend not doing this initially.

Especially when you are on a tight budget.

When you are ready, you can get artists to do the work fairly cheaply on any freelance site.


Your podcast intro is a crucial component in the cycle of gaining listeners.

You need to introduce yourself, the podcast, and hook them to listen to all while keeping the podcast intro length appropriate.

There are innumerable ways to achieve this.

In the end, it comes to your creativity to create something both unique from the crowd and enjoyable by your listeners.