7 Free Podcast Hosting Sites To Get Your Show Going

When you are launching your podcast, you are likely tight on cash. This could even be a deterrent – you feel like you don’t have money for hosting or all of the equipment you’ll need.

But it really doesn’t take a lot of money to start a podcast. There are several free podcast hosting sites that are actually worthwhile.

If you find yourself wondering, Where can I host my podcast for free?

There are actually numerous sites that offer free podcast hosting. They include

  • Podbean
  • Buzzsprout
  • Spreaker
  • Anchor
  • SoundCloud
  • Podomatic
  • CastBox

Let’s look into each of these providers and the pros and cons of each.

What is podcast hosting?

Before we start talking about which free podcast hosting site you should choose, or the pros and cons of each, let’s begin by making sure you understand what podcast hosting is and why it’s important.

When you want to listen to a podcast, if you are an Apple user, you probably go to iTunes, right? (I know there are other places to listen to podcasts, but I’m trying to keep the example simple). If you’re an Android user, on the other hand, Google Podcasts may be your choice.

When you go there and either stream or download a podcast episode to listen to, Apple and Google don’t actually have the audio file. They merely tell the app or browser where to get the file from.

Basically, with a podcast host, you upload the actual audio files and add titles, description, and tags. The host will provide you with an RSS feed that you can give to the podcast libraries – iTunes, Google, etc – to tell them about your podcast and have them index it so they can show it on their directories.

So your podcast hosting provider is where everything happens. It simply all shows up at the directory.

Make sense?


Buzzsprout is one of the more well known free podcast hosting sites. The company has been around since 2009.

The free account option is a great choice if you are just getting your podcast going and don’t have the cash for a pro hosting package. With the plan, you can upload 2 hours of content every month. The one drawback is that they will only host your podcast files for 90 days.

When you upgrade to a paid plan though, you will be able to keep the audio file indefinitely. You also get unlimited storage and 250Gb of bandwidth every month. That will suffice for around 30,000 downloads per month

Other features


To be a free podcast hosting site (if that’s the plan you have), Buzzsprout’s dashboard is amazing. It’s very easy to navigate and understand. I like the dashboard more than some other hosts.

File optimization

Whenever you upload your audio files, they are automatically optimized for spoken word podcasts (64kb mono). If you need stereo because of music or sound effects, you can get it for an additional cost.

Website player

With your subscription, you get a player that you can embed in your website to allow visitors to listen to your podcast.

Note: If you decide to upgrade to the pro plan, use this link and you’ll get a $20 Amazon gift card.


After Buzzsprout, Podbean is probably one of my personal favorite free podcast hosting options. Their paid options are what I like the best.

You get unlimited hosting services, distribution on all of the major libraries as well as the ability to make a website for your podcast.

With the free plan, you can add up to 5 hours of audio per month. You get 100Gb of bandwidth per month. You also get basic stats and data with the plan.

Their highest paid plan, which is only $29 per month – allows unlimited audio and video files. This works great if you do video podcasting.


SoundCloud is one of the largest music and audio hosting platforms on the planet. They didn’t actually add podcasting hosting until 2015.

When you use the SoundCloud hosting platform, you get access to several features.

Embedded players.

You can share your audio files anywhere on the web by embedding the players.

Twitter cards

You can share your episodes in Twitter super easily. SoundCloud actually integrates nicely into all social media platforms.

Timed Comments

Get your audience’s opinion and feedback about your podcast. The audio comments let you really connect with your audience in a unique way.


Anchor is a perfect podcast hosting and management solution for beginners. They have taken a different approach to podcast hosting. Their co-founder, Nir Zicherman, wrote an article explaining his belief in podcast hosting costs on Medium.

With Anchor, you don’t even have to have audio editing software or any expensive equipment. You can simply record the episodes into the app, and get them ready for release. If you prefer the traditional method (I do), you can upload the audio files once they are complete.

Here are some of the other nice features.

Unlimited free hosting

Anchor doesn’t believe in charging their creators to store their content. So, you get free hosting without any storage limits.

One-click distribution

Anchor will allow you to easily distribute your podcast episodes to all of the podcast libraries – Apple podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, etc.

Easy monetization

The platform that Anchor provides makes it easy to monetize your podcast. They allow you to connect with advertisers who are a good fit for your content. You can also collect donations from your subscribers.


The analytics are very easy to follow and understand. You can see how each episode is doing so that you can tailor your content to your listener’s needs.


Spreaker is another free podcasting hosting provider that may be a good fit for a beginner.

With their free plan, you can store up to 5 hours of audio files. This can fill up quickly though if you do weekly podcasts.

You get unlimited listeners and can even host multiple shows.

They are one of the only podcast hosting sites that allows live audio streaming.


Although Podomatic does have a free podcast hosting plan, it is very restricted and should probably only be used for testing or if you plan to have short podcast audio sessions. With their free plan, you get 15Gb of bandwidth limits per month and 500Mb storage.

That is likely to fill up very quickly.


CastBox is the final free podcast hosting site on our list.

They offer a completely free plan so you can get your podcast up and going. You also get access to the CastBox Creator Studio which includes tools and robust podcasting analytics to help you along the podcasting journey.