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7 Free Podcast Hosting Sites To Get Your Show Going

When you are launching your podcast, you are likely tight on cash. This could even be a deterrent – you feel like you don’t have money for hosting or all of the equipment you’ll need. But it really doesn’t take a lot of money to st...

Does it cost money to start a podcast?

A lot of people say they can’t afford to start a podcast. They don’t have the money for all of the equipment, and the hosting, and all the accessories they’ll need. They believe the podcast startup cost is way too much. But is that...

Do you get paid for podcasts on iTunes?

There are many reasons that a person or business would start a podcast. Although you may start one just because it’s your passion, you may looking to make money somehow (or wouldn’t mind if you did). This will likely cause you to wan...

Do podcasts pay their guests? (2019 Update)

When you’re first getting your podcast set up and going, there is so much to learn. New jargon, common practices, etc. And as you prepare to begin interviewing people on your podcast, you may find yourself wondering. Do podcasts pay th...

How long should my podcast intro be?

If you’re like me or know anything about marketing and SEO, every choice you make is probably strategic. You don’t just create content on a whim. Instead, you probably carefully research your keywords, topics, etc. When it comes to y...

How long should my podcast season be?

When you create a podcast that will be delivered in seasons, you want your content to be engaging and keep bring your listeners back. There are many way to accomplish this. The other thing that you face is the fact that you don’t want ...


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